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Selected panels, presentations, and podcast appearances. 

Digital Thriving in a Post-Pandemic World: A Prosocial Blueprint

Featured in the Fair Play Summit at GDC, this panel explored building inclusive and resilient online communities.

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Resilience in the Face of Hate

Dr. Rachel Kowert and Dr. Kilmer examine the current state of hate, harassment, and extremism in games and share initial results from a research project supported by the Department of Homeland Security.

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Fair Play Summit: Promoting Growth Through Games Is Simply Good Game Design

Part of the Fair Play Summit at GDC 2023, this talk showcased ways in which design choices can support a growth mindset in players. 

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The Player is Evolving! Fostering Growth Mindset through Games

Featured at PAX East and PAX Unplugged, this panel highlighted mechanics included in popular games like Destiny 2, D&D, Celeste, and others that support a growth mindset in players. 


10 Tips to Make your Tabletop RPG Game More ADHD Friendly!

Dr. Kilmer joins Jessica McCabe to discuss ways to create a safe, engaging, and fun TTRPG experience for players with ADHD.

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Featured at PAX Unplugged, West, and East, this panel focuses on celebrating ADHD experiences at the table, as well as tips to support players with ADHD. 


Therapeutically Applied Role-Playing Games - A Level One Training for Mental Health Professionals

This six-hour, on-demand training was developed for Game to Grow. It's suitable for mental health professionals interested in using TTRPGs to support client growth. 

Image by Gian-Luca Riner

How Being a Good Parent is Like Being a Good Game Master

Dr. Kilmer and host Brendan Mahan talk about the ways in which the skills of Game Mastering translate into effective parenting - spontaneity, playfulness, and knowledge of the game are all key aspects across the table. 

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