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Elizabeth Kilmer, PhD

Dr. Kilmer is a licensed clinical psychologist dedicated to promoting the use of games to support well-being, as well as developing tools to support safer, more inclusive gaming spaces. 

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Elizabeth Kilmer, Adam Davis, Jared Kilmer, Adam Johns

Therapeutically Applied Role-Playing Games provides a comprehensive approach to implementing therapeutically applied role-playing game (TA-RPG) groups for mental health practitioners.

TA-RPGs are a powerful tool for insight, growth, and change for individuals and communities. The Game to Grow Method of Therapeutically Applied Role-Playing Games is a transdiagnostic, transtheoretical, group intervention developed over a decade of practice using Dungeons & Dragons and other popular tabletop role-playing game systems, as well as leveraging therapeutic factors from acceptance and commitment therapy, marriage and family therapy, drama therapy, and interpersonal process groups. 

This work serves as a comprehensive training manual for TA-RPGs, providing a valuable resource for mental health professionals interested in incorporating TA-RPGs into their practice.

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