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Elizabeth Kilmer Headshot 10_edited.jpg

Elizabeth D. Kilmer, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Games Researcher

Applied Games Educator


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About Dr. Kilmer

Elizabeth Kilmer, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist dedicated to education and research in the use of applied games and resilient gaming communities. She currently serves as a qualitative researcher for Take This, focused on developing resources to help the games industry combat extremism in gaming spaces. In addition to her work with Take This, Dr. Kilmer developed a comprehensive training program on the use of applied games, with tracks for educators, therapists, and community members. She co-authored the book Therapeutically Applied Role-Playing Games: The Game to Grow Method and has supported the use of digital games like Minecraft in interventions with neurodivergent youth. Dr. Kilmer has extensive teaching and public speaking experience, with talks featured in conferences in the US and internationally. In her clinical practice, Dr. Kilmer uses games like D&D, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing to support insight, growth, and change with her clients.


Elizabeth is a white, queer, nonbinary woman with ADHD.

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